25 abril, 2011

Join the Resistance-SOAW

Close the SOA and Resist U.S. Militarization
Sunday, April 10: March on the White House and Engage in Nonviolent Direct Action

Dear Supporter,

Join hundreds of solidarity activists, torture survivors, unionists, people of faith, students, mothers, veterans and others from April 4-11 in Washington, DC to take a stand for justice, to close the SOA and to resist the U.S. militarization of the Americas. Join Father Roy Bourgeois and others in the fast to close the SOA in front of the White House and Congress, the Latin America Solidarity Coalition's Anti-Militarization Conference at American University from April 8-10 (register now) and take part in the March to the White House on Sunday, April 10, 2011 (gather at Dupont Circle in DC at 2:45pm).

For a full schedule of events, visit and download the Days of Action poster to mobilize your community to come out to DC in April.

Getting to DC - Ride Board
If you are driving to Washington, DC for the Days of Action and you have space in your car or van, please post the information on the Ride Board. If you are looking for a ride, you can post your request on the Ride Board as well.

Call for Volunteers
Mobilizations like the April Days of Action are a key element of every successful movement for social change. To pull them off, it takes hundreds of grassroots organizers around the country and people who can volunteer their time and energy in Washington, DC in the lead-up and during the mobilization. We are looking for people who can help build signs and puppets for the march to the White House on April 10, people to help with outreach in DC, and other tasks. Please contact Mike Baney at or (202) 234 3440 if you are able to help with some tasks before and during the Days of Action. Thank you!

Stop the SOA Repression in Honduras and throughout the Americas!
In the last week and a half, public school teachers and the pro-democracy people's movement in Honduras have faced brutal repression by the post-coup, military-backed regime of Pepe Lobo. The School of the Americas graduate-led state security forces are trying to privatize public education and weaken the teachers movement, one of the pillars of the pro-democracy people's movement that came together after the June 2009 SOA graduate-led military coup in Honduras.

The April 10 March to the White House will include a Honduras Solidarity contingent and during the April 11 Lobby Day, we will raise the growing human rights crisis and SOA repression in Honduras with Members of Congress, we will demand an end to military and police aid to that country, and the closing of the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC). The latest alert by COFADEH underlines the need for us to speak up and take action. Join us in Washington, DC for the Days of Action from April 4-11, 2011.

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While online social media can’t be a substitute for grassroots organizing, we can use YouTube, facebook and twitter as additional avenues to get the word out and to reach people. To learn more about grassroots organizing including creating egalitarian structures, building community and developing allies, organizing actions, holding meetings, speaking publicly and fundraising, visit
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