24 agosto, 2016

What Do People Mean When They Say Donald Trump Is Racist?

If you visited the Drudge Report on Tuesday, you might have noticed that the top story was a countdown to a confrontation. The headline read, “TONIGHT: TRUMP TAKES ON THE RIOTERS! LIVE FROM MILWAUKEE.” Donald Trump is, after all, a “law and order” Presidential candidate—he used the phrase in one of the first sentences of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. And Milwaukee had been unsettled in the wake of the police killing, on Saturday afternoon, of an African-American man named Sylville K. Smith; protests and violence followed, some of it racially charged. A video journalist named Tim Pool reported hearing shouts of “Fuck white people,” and mentioned a “white kid” who had been shot in the neck; Pool said, “For those that are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here.” Many Drudge readers might have expected that Trump—sworn enemy of political correctness, and frequent transgressor of political norms—would be ready for a fight.

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