12 agosto, 2011

Bombings in Sudan | Pakistan's Military Abuses

Sudan's Army Bombs South Kordofan
People Flee as Military Attacks Civilian Areas Almost Daily
Sudanese government forces bombed Kurchi, a town in Southern Kordofan, killing 16 people, including three children. Human Rights Watch obtained images showing some of the carnage.
In Southern Kordofan State, Sudanese government forces have been targeting people suspected of having links to the southern political party that now rules South Sudan. Since early June, nearly every day, Sudan’s forces have been bombing areas where civilians live, and there is evidence that homes and churches were looted. Witnesses said that soldiers shot people during house-to-house searches. The witnesses reported seeing dozens of dead bodies in homes and on the ground as they fled town.
South Sudan officially seceded from the northern part of the country on July 9, following a January referendum. But Sudan’s government is attacking the border state of Southern Kordofan, which is part of Sudan, to stamp out opponents of the northern ruling party. Kordofan residents, mainly ethnic Nubans, often fought alongside the southern rebels during the civil war.
The number of people displaced from the current fighting is estimated at 150,000.
UN Security Council members will be briefed on the situation today. They should send a strong message that those responsible for these violations will be held accountable.

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